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The Conversation Hour: Jennifer Doudna co-developer of CRISPR/cas9 gene editing, and Pamela Rabe

Dr Gael Jennings is Jon Faine’s co-host.  She is an Honorary Fellow at Melbourne University’s Centre for Advancing Journalism.

Their first guest is Prof Jennifer Doudna, who is Li Ka Shing Chancellor’s Chair in Biomedical and Health Sciences, Professor of Molecular & Cell Biology and Professor of Chemistry at UC Berkeley. Jennifer led the discovery of CRISPR/cas9 gene editing (with Emmanuelle Charpentier). You can hear her with Kevin Esvelt on The Science and Ethics of Genome Editing for The Convergence Science Network, supported by the Lorne Genome Conference and Melbourne University’s School of BioSciences. It’s at the Plenary, Jeff’s Shed (Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre), tonight (Tuesday 13th Feb, 2018) at 6:00pm.

Then they are joined by actor and director Pamela Rabe, who stars as Hazel in The Children (and plays ‘The Freak’ Joan Ferguson in Wentworth). The Children by Lucy Kirkwood, and directed by Sarah Goodes for the MTC, is on at The Sumner, Southbank Theatre until 10th March, 2018.


Radio Triple R

Acclaimed actor Pamela Rabe joined Breakfasters to chat about her latest role in The Testament of Mary. In this performance Rabe plays a mourning and defiant Mary in a re-imagined narrative of the Mother of Christ. Listen back as they discuss varying degrees of religiosity, Rabe’s own experiences with Christianity and more generally, if she likes playing the villain and why. Plus they ask the question: if Mary’s voice could be heard, what is it that she would most want to say?


Pamela Rabe at Radio RRR 2017


Pamela Rabe | Nick Earls Interview 2016

Nick Earls’ new novellas and Wentworth’s Pamela Rabe

Pamela Rabe tells how she met playwright Tennessee Williams, and Nick Earls explains why the novella is the perfect format for twenty-first century stories.

Jon Faine’s co-host is cruciverbalist, author, and broadcaster, David Astle.

Their first guest is actor and director Pamela Rabe, who is currently performing in The Glass Menagerie at the Malthouse Theatre until 5th June, 2016.

Then they are joined by author Nick Earls. His latest books are the Wisdom Tree novellas.

Nick Earls, Pamela Rabe, David Astle (John Standish - ABC Local)Nick Earls, Pamela Rabe, David Astle (ABC Local)


Pamela Rabe Radio Triple R 2016

Pamela Rabe – Smart Arts

Pamela Rabe at Radio Triple R May 19th, 2016

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Radio Triple R 2016


Pamela Rabe | The Drawing Room 2013 Interview

Chekhov for children? Pamela Rabe | The Drawing Room Interview

Pamela Rabe is starring in a contemporary version of The Cherry Orchard and writer Danny Katz has just released a new book for young adults called Mucked Up.

They join Waleed Aly in The Drawing Room to chew the cud on Chekhov and children’s books and all things Canadian.

Image: Danny Katz, Pamela Rabe and Waleed Aly (Barbara Heggen, ABC)Danny Katz, Pamela Rabe and Waleed Aly (Barbara Heggen, ABC)

Source: | 31 July 2013

Pamela Rabe | Radio National Artworks

Artworks: Grey Gardens

One of the most extraordinary documentary films ever made is Grey Gardens. This was made in 1975 by the brothers David and Albert Maysles.

Grey Gardens achieved cult status because it brought to life two reclusive, eccentric women—a mother and daughter—living in a decaying mansion on Long Island, New York.

Some thirty years later, and after their deaths, Edith Bouvier Beale—Big Edie—and her daughter—Little Edie—became the subject of a Hollywood film with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore, and a Broadway musical, both also called Grey Gardens.

The musical Grey Gardens is being performed for the first time in Australia, at the Victorian Arts Centre in Melbourne, and it’s starring two of the most loved and distinguished women of Australian theatre: Nancye Hayes, and Pamela Rabe.

Pamela Rabe as Little Edie| Grey GardensPamela Rabe as Little Edie| Grey Gardens