Minor Site Updates

The Heidi Chronicles (MTC)

13/09 Uploaded some scans from The Heidi Chronicles and The Misanthrope. Thanks to Tamsyn Strike!

29/08 Added this photo from 1980 to The Red Devil Battery Sign section. Thanks to David Cooper for sending me this treasure!

Pamela Rabe | Medea 1984
Added 1 Headshot photo and some info about the play Medea. Thanks to Tamsyn for the scan <3

Pamela Rabe in Stingers Season 4
08/08 Added 29  Stingers Screenshots

Pamela Rabe in Little Murders
05/08 Added a short interview about Little Murders from 1989

Pamela Rabe & Roger Hodgman | Solomon & Marion Opening Night
19/07 Added photos to the Solomon and Marion section

Pamela Rabe in Do Not Go Gentle
15/07 Updated the Do Not Go Gentle Section

Pamela Rabe | The Glass Menagerie
11/07 Added some The Glass Menagerie photos