Pamela Rabe | Radiotimes Interview July 2020

Pamela Rabe praises fan power that saved show from the axe

Pamela Rabe also teases ‘the Freak’s’ return from the dead as “surprising and delicious”

Australian drama Wentworth Prison had its sentenced extended after fans campaigned to save it from the axe and secured another two seasons for the gritty reboot of cult favourite Prisoner: Cell Block H.

A final 20 episodes airing as two series of 10 will wrap up the hit show, with the shock return of iconic baddie Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson jump-starting season eight which begins on 5STAR from Wednesday 5th August.

The sadistic prison warden, and occasional inmate, was seemingly buried alive in 2017 as a punishment for her catalogue of crimes, but as glimpsed in the closing moments of the last season she has miraculously risen from the dead. In an exclusive interview with, Pamela Rabe reveals her character’s resurrection would not have been possible without the fans’ successful campaign to reverse the Foxtel network’s original decision to end at season seven.

Pamela Rabe | Wentworth Season 8 Episode 2“I’ve never known a response from the audience on this scale,” says the acclaimed actress, who won Australian TV’s most prestigious award, the Silver Logie, for the role in 2018. “As with the original Prisoner series the fan loyalty is incredible and seems to have been multiplied with our show.

“It reaches so many countries and different communities (it’s broadcast in 158 territories), people are touched by the show and affected by it. I credit the writers as they sprinkle scripts with catnip, there is a real binge-ability to it. I find myself watching one episode and I have to keep going, it’s very addictive.

“Season seven had all but wrapped which everyone thought would be the last, but after the fan outcry and maybe the awards we won, the network decided to give it one last hurrah. The writers always knew there was more to Ferguson’s story, and once the show was saved it was an opportunity to complete some unfinished business.” Read More

Pamela Rabe | The Return of The Freak

Return of The Freak

Pamela Rabe on set of Wentworth Season 8If Wentworth fans were shocked Joan “The Freak” Ferguson has come back from the dead they’re not alone. Pamela Rabe, who plays the psychotic governor-turned-prisoner, believed The Freak was, well, dead and bur-ied alive after leaving 2017’s cliffhanger in a coffin.

“I assumed Joan was gone, and she’d gone out with a bang,” Rabe said. “I was as surprised as anyone to get the phone call (to return to the show) but I’m thrilled it happened. I didn’t expect to come back to Wentworth, and I don’t think many of my fellow cast members knew until I rocked up to the set again.

“I always said to the producers I have no problem going, when you think the character has run its course, just let me know, but please let me go out with a bang. And I thought it can’t get better than that, that’s fabulous, but we’ll see.”

The new series sees The Freak continue her revenge on prison boss Vera Bennett. “That story’s not finished,” Rabe said. “There is some extraordinary stuff coming up.”

Wentworth: Redemption starts next Tuesday, with the first of 20 episodes which will see the drama end next year. The pandemic has seen all seven series of Wentworth being discovered — and rediscovered — by viewers.

This month Wentworth has been the third most viewed program on Foxtel’s on demand store, behind only Modern Family and Game Of Thrones. Wentworth Redemption, Foxtel Showcase, Tuesday, 8.30pm

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Pamela Rabe | Back From The Dead | Sunday Mail Interview

Back From The Dead (The Binge Guide)


Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson / Kath Maxwell in Wentworth Season 8 RedemptionEven when Joan The Freak’ Ferguson was buried alive in Wentworth three years ago, fans of the hit Foxtel drama series still weren’t convinced she was dead. For Pamela Rabe, whose chilling performance of Ferguson saw her win a Logie for Most Outstanding Actress in 2018, she was certain she’d filmed her final scenes and The Freak had gone for good. While she came back “to haunt (nemesis) Will Jackson” a few times in flashback scenes in the next season, she decompressed from portraying one of Australian television’s darkest characters through comedy (starring in limited series Pitting Adelaide) and her beloved theatre work. But if anyone could cheat death, even when buried in the bush, it was The Freak. Not only was Wentworth saved from being axed in part after fans campaigned for its return, but Rabe got the call back too for the series’ final season, which started filming this year and will play out until 2021.

“I assumed Joan was gone, and she’d gone out with a bang,” Rabe tells The BINGE Guide.

“I was as surprised as anyone to get the phone call but I’m thrilled it happened. I didn’t expect to come back to Wentworth, and I don’t think many of my fellow cast members knew until I rocked up to the set again.

“The story wasn’t finished, not just the Joan Ferguson story but the whole arc of the show. The writing department at Wentworth lay seeds for a very long arc of stories. That long arc wasn’t finished yet. I’m thrilled for them they get to finish this off properly and I’m lucky they considered Joan Ferguson to be a part of that.” Read More

Pamela Rabe Wentworth Season 8 Behind The Scenes

Wentworth Season 8 Behind the Scenes

Here’s the latest Wentworth trailer featuring some behind the scenes from season 8

Wentworth Season 8 Trailer

Wentworth Season 8

Wentworth – Extended Sentence

Wentworth Season 8

Wentworth may have been inspired by female jail drama Prisoner but it is on track to be on air longer than the show that spawned it. Prisoner ran from 1979-86, Wentworth started in 2013 and will end in 2021. However, while Wentworth was a “re-imagining” of Prisoner, and borrowed characters including Bea Smith, Joan “The Freak” Ferguson, Vera Bennett and Lizzie Birdsworth, it quickly forged its own identity.

It now airs in over 15o countries and screens on Netflix in the US.

It is Wentworth’s graphic, violent scenes, intense storylines and LGBTQ characters that have created a fiercely loyal fanbase.
“People tell me they watch Wentworth episodes and they have to sit on their couch afterwards and take a break,” Leah Purcell, who plays Rita Connors (another Prisoner character rebooted) says.

“That’s what you want.

You want good drama that moves people, whether you hate or love a character, if you feel something you’ve done your job.”

Pamela Rabe | Season 5 HQ Promo
HQ version

The fanbase is so loyal that when the show was planned to end in 2018 after season seven, fans got wind of the decision before it was announced (a loose-lipped actor also let it slip during a TV interview) and determined to save their favourite show.
Fans not only started a #savewent-worth campaign on social media, there were claims one diehard viewer flew a drone over the show’s Melbourne set to see if the outdoor jail area had been disassembled. Read More

Wentworth Season 8 coming July 28 2020 | Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson

Official Wentworth Season 8 Trailer

The trailer for Wentworth Season 8 is finally here! And Joan is back…

WARNING: Spoilers from earlier seasons

After almost a year of waiting for new episodes to drop, fans of hit prison drama Wentworth have been treated to a brand new season 8 trailer ahead of next month’s premiere.

And it looks as gritty and dramatic as ever.

Following the jaw-dropping season seven finale, the hugely popular Aussie prison drama returns with season 8 on Tuesday July 28 at 8.30pm on FOX SHOWCASE.

The show, which has a diehard loyal fanbase around the world, aired season seven in May last year, with fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter after an explosive finale that saw the unexpected return of Joan “The Freak” Ferguson, played by Pamela Rabe.

The next chapter will see the prison community reeling from the aftermath of season 7’s bloody siege, with a new leader at the helm and four heritage characters from the original Prisoner series set to shake things up.

The show’s stellar Aussie female cast, including Leah Purcell, Susie Porter and Kate Atkinson will all be returning for the new season’s 10 episodes.

Joining the cast is leading Australian actress Marta Dusseldorp as Sheila Bausch, who comes to Wentworth on remand for the murder of nine people at True Path, a cult-like lifestyle retreat.

Of joining the ensemble case, star of A Place to Call Home Dusseldorp said: “I was just so honoured and excited to come on. I said yes straight away. Wentworth is always so beautifully told.”

Other newbies in the line-up include Kate Box, Jane Hall and Zoe Terakes.

Prisoner heritage character Judy Bryant will also enter Wentworth for the penultimate season, played by Vivienne Awosoga.

Wentworth‘s ninth and final season will air next year on Foxtel, with production having resumed this week following coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

“We have carefully adjusted our production processes to ensure the health and wellbeing of our team and at same time ensured we are able to maintain the integrity of our storytelling,” executive producer Jo Porter said.

The first seven seasons of Wentworth are currently available to stream on Foxtel Demand.


Wentworth Season 8 Trailer


Wentworth Season 8 coming July 28 2020 | Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson

Official Trailer! Wentworth Season 8 is coming July 28


Lockdown is ending

New Season from July 28

Get Into That Teal Tracksuit – We Have A Date For Wentworth’s Return!

Ever since Wentworth season seven’s edge-of-your-seat siege capped off another incredible outing of the award-winning Foxtel series, fans have been on teal tenterhooks waiting to see what would happen next.

Well the wait is nearly over – get your teal tracksuit ready because season eight will begin on Tuesday July 28 at 8.30pm on FOX SHOWCASE.

Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) in Wentworth Season 8:
The Freak is quite literally back from the dead, after being buried alive in the season five finale – but she’s not behind bars. Living on the streets under the alias Kath Maxwell, she’s busy plotting her revenge on those who wronged her.


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