Pamela Rabe in His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday

MTC stages the Australian premiere production starring Philip Quast and Pamela Rabe. Adapted by John Guare from The Front Page by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur and the Columbia Pictures film.

Ace reporter Hildy Johnson has had enough of the sleaze of the Chicago newspaper game. At midnight, she’s catching the train east where she’ll marry her fiancé, a handsome schlub with piles of dough. And if her ex-husband and editor Walter Burns thinks she’s going to change her mind, he’s got another thing coming. But that’s before the fattest, juiciest scoop of the year lands splat in her lap.

Screwball comedy. Hecht and MacArthur’s sly, cynical satire of tabloid journalism The Front Page was never better filmed than as the 1930s classic His Girl Friday. Merging the original play and the screen version, acclaimed playwright John Guare delivers the best of both wisecracking worlds.

Key Photography by Marcel Aucar, Production Photography by Jeff Busby. Behind-the-Scenes video by Adam Bostock, Season Launch video by Josh Burns.
These images contain a portion of the work Office Window – Shop by photographer Oliver Fluck. This work appears in the production under license and with permission.


His Girl Friday

Photos by Marcel Aucar & Jeff Busby