Pamela Rabe Work and related events

Pamela Rabe Work and related events

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Pamela Rabe Filmography

Pamela Rabe, an actress with a remarkable career spanning three decades, has captivated audiences with meticulous performances. Originally from Vancouver, she embarked on a new chapter in Australia alongside her husband, director Roger Hodgman, in 1982. Since then, she has become a revered presence on Australian stages, leaving an indelible mark with unforgettable roles like Amanda in Noel Coward’s Private Lives and mesmerizing performances in Patrick White’s The Season at Sarsaparilla and The War of the Roses.

Known for her iconic portrayal of Joan Ferguson in ‘Wentworth,’ Pamela continues to enchant fans with her undeniable talent. Stay tuned for her upcoming role in the thrilling crime thriller ‘Bay of Fires,’ where she is set to deliver yet another captivating performance.

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