Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires

In this darkly comic crime series, a mother (Marta Dusseldorp) must flee her comfy city life to hide from a sinister gang. But her ‘refuge’ in the wilds of Tasmania has its own quirks, dramas and mysteries.

Dusseldorp (Janet King, Jack Irish, A Place to Call Home) plays a high-powered business person who lives a comfortable existence in the city with her children Iris and Otis. She’s taken over her father’s finance company and made it even more successful. When an employee warns of some dark dealings, she hasn’t even looked into it before Chechen hitmen are trying to kill her in a supermarket. Evading the killers, she grabs her children, and is spirited away to coastal Tasmania. Now living under an assumed name, she must navigate life in a rural backwater. But adapting to new environs is not the only challenge; her new home of Mystery Bay is rife with simmering feuds, crime and murder. With uniformly fantastic performances, Bay of Fires – co-created by Dusseldorp, Andrew Knight (SeaChange, Jack Irish, Rake) and Max Dann (Siam Sunset, Dance Academy) is a tense, gripping and hilarious series.


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