Pamela Rabe in Lust and RevengeLife has not been kind to the heiress Georgina (Claudia Karvan) who, after a failed marriage and a morally bereft, corrupt family environment is frequently seeing her psychiatrist. To take her mind off her troubles she and her friend Lily (Victoria Eagger) devise a scheme to get a man to pose for them, naked and at their beck and call, while Lily ostensibly sculpts an imitation of Michelangelo’s David.  Georgina’s father (Chris Haywood) encourages this activity, foreseeing both a healthy tax deduction when he donates the sculpture to the National Gallery (part of which he has funded) and the instantly elevated artistic status of his daughter’s friend.

The scheme under way, it is revealed that the model, Karl Heinz (Nicholas Hope), is married to a sexually repressed religious obsessive (Gosia Dobrowolska), who becomes jealous of the attention her husband is receiving.  Troubled, she consults her religious guru, who encourages her to join in the modelling, assuring her that God will condone this risque activity if all proceeds are donated to his church.

At the height of the sculpture sessions yet still prone to erratic behaviour, Georgina is given a new drug to test.  The drug turns out to be a powerful aphrodisiac which Georgina, partly out of curiosity, partly from pique, decides to secretly give to Karl Heinz’s repressed wife …

In this erotic satire, each individual is seeking love and each journeys to their own sexual awakening, yet in the process, all are manipulated and exploited by the power mongers of society at every level.


Video by Ves