Pamela Rabe in 'As You Like It'

First Date 14 May 1988
Last Date 9 July 1988

The potential power of the role of Rosalind, and the underlying and inherent sexiness of it, is the sexual ambiguity and potential for transgression. Of a beautiful young woman transforming herself into a beautiful young man who thus confuses and confounds polite society (including the audience) by awakening unusual responses of oppositional attraction. The most striking example in living memory was the 1.88m Pamela Rabe in tight denims, black leather biker jacket and bleached blonde flat top. She was both beautiful and crazily menacing – Billy Idol out of James Dean – and there were often queues outside the MTC stage door of confused and palpitating Melbourne matrons and their daughters, all hoping to touch the sleeve of the forbidden. That’s how and why you do Rosalind. –