Pamela Rabe in August: Osage COunty


One of the monumental plays of the 21st century, up close and personal.

Pawhuska, Oklahoma, 2007. Charismatic poet-patriarch Beverly Weston has gone – where, nobody knows. His wife Violet careers downhill into opiate addiction, and the three daughters dutifully return to their childhood home, spouses, children and unfinished business trailing behind. The family’s (almost) together -for the first time in years.

Of course, old wounds have to be dressed, and old scores have to be settled. But there are even deeper secrets, sitting right there at the table. And what erupts is as uproarious as it is scarifying. This American tragicomedy explores the pain and joy passed from generation to generation, and the vicious parts of ourselves that we try to hide.

What a ride this one is. It’s as massive as the prairies and comes out of a long tradition of full-on high-stakes American classics of dysfunctional families and finally telling the truth. Pamela Rabe, Helen Thomson, Bert LaBonté – it’s a 24-carat cast in a show that has pedigree. Do you know what? Book right now. If you miss it you’ll kick yourself. – Eamon

You can watch the full original Belvoir video here