Pamela Rabe in 'The Heide Chronicles'

Follows the life of Heidi, who, after graduating from school in the mid 1960’s, realises that through the women’s movement, she can have it all. “Documents the evolution of the ‘baby boomer’ generation who grew up in the 1950s, protested in the 1960s, became self-obsessed in the 1970s and represented the establishment of the 1980s”.

17 May 1990 – 16 June 1990

Roger Hodgman (Director)
Richard Roberts (Set designer)
Pamela Rabe (Actor)
Danny Nash (Actor)
Robert Menzies (Actor)
Rodney Sharp (Actor)
Jo Kennedy (Actor)
Merridy Eastman (Actor)
Anna French (Costume designer)
Alison Whyte (Actor)
Sarah Peirse (Actor)
Jamieson Lewis (Lighting designer)
Wendy Wasserstein (Playwright)
Kerry Saxby (Sound designer)
Ian Cookesley (Production manager)
Andrew Barker (Stage manager)
Gregory Osborne (Assistant stage manager)