CrashBurn is an Australian 13-part drama series airing on Network Ten, about surviving long-term relationships in an age where multiple partners and multiple orgasms are considered a birthright.

It starred Catherine McClements and Aaron Blabey as Rosie and Ben Harfield, a couple whose marriage troubles send them to a counsellor. Most of the episodes are shown in two parts: half ‘He says’ (Ben’s view of the situation) and half ‘She says’ (Rosie’s view). Most of the episodes used flashbacks to an earlier part of their relationship when the trouble started. Also appearing is the couple, Candice and Richard (played by Liz Burch and Richard Piper), who are also seeking counselling and run into Rosie and Ben’s lives. There are numerous problems arising in the course of the series, not least Ben’s affair with Rosie’s best friend, Abby (Sacha Horler). Although the series was not a huge hit, it was noted for its fine performances (notably Sacha Horler and Catherine McClements).

Source: wikipedia

Full Episode (“Seven Letters or Less”)