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Pamela Rabe in 'The Hunting'

Produced by Closer Productions for SBS, with major production investment from Screen Australia in association with the South Australian Film Corporation, The Hunting intimately and dramatically imagines the lives of four teenagers, their teachers and families throughout the lead up, revelation and aftermath of a nude teen photo scandal.

When two high school teachers discover students are sharing explicit photos of their underage friends and peers online, the revelation has unbearable consequences for the students and their families.

Tackling themes of misogyny, privacy, sexuality and sexualisation, online exploitation, toxic masculinity and gender, the series uses this singular event as a way of exploring some of the most pressing issues of our time and offering a vital portrait of modern, multicultural Australia.

The series will premiere on SBS at 8.30pm on Thursday 1 August.

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Asher Keddie as Simone
Richard Roxburgh as Nick
Sam Reid
as Ray
Jessica De Gouw as Eliza
Luca Sardelis as Zoe
Yazeed Daher as Nassim
Pamela Rabe as Principal De Rossi
Kavitha Anandasivam as Amanda “Dip”
Alex Cusack as Andy
Rodney Afif as Rami
Sachin Joab as Sandeep
Elena Carapetis as Amanda

It tackles themes of misogyny, privacy, sexuality, online exploitation, sexualisation, toxic masculinity, gender and cyberbullying. Producer/director Sophie Hyde said that the film would explore how teens use technology “within sexual context and reframe the conversation to be about trust and consent, considering how we are culturally responsible”.

Originally titled “The Hunt“, funding for the series by Screen Australia was announced in July 2018. The four-part mini-series is written by Matthew Cormack and Niki Aken, and directed by Ana Kokkinos and Sophie Hyde. Produced by Rebecca Summerton, Sophie Hyde and Lisa Scott, it is set to screen on SBS TV as well as online on SBS On Demand in the second half of 2019.

Production by the Closer Productions team started in Adelaide, on 18 January 2019. Additional funding was provided by the South Australian Film Corporation and SBS.

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01 pics or it didn’t happen
02 dtf? (Pam is not in this episode)
03 #shittyboys
04 sluts



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SBS Director of Television and Online Content, Marshall Heald said:

“SBS is committed to telling stories that spark debate and drive understanding about some of the uncomfortable and often untold realities impacting contemporary Australia. The Hunting joins SBS’s critically acclaimed slate of local dramas, including Safe Harbour, Sunshine and On The Ropes as an intense and compelling series that delves into what is arguably one of the biggest issues of our ‘social media era’ – cyberbullying.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the hugely talented team at Closer Productions, who bring their impressive film and television credentials to this new series.”

Producer/ Director Sophie Hyde said:

“With The Hunting we explore teens using technology within sexual context and reframe the conversation to be about trust and consent, considering how we are culturally responsible and exploring how we all navigate this. As co-creator and producer of the show I couldn’t be more delighted to work with our skilled, empathetic team and partners to tell this story, and to be joined in directing by Ana Kokkinos, a filmmaking hero of mine, who brings her considerable skills and talent to this vital work.”

Director Ana Kokkinos said:

“This is a powerful, thought-provoking story, imbued with complex characters, and drama with big ideas and questions. It is exciting to be working with such high calibre experienced actors as well as talented newcomers, who between them all, reflect the rich cultural diversity of our society.”

Screen Australia’s Head of Production, Sally Caplan said:

“Directors Ana Kokkinos and Sophie Hyde are two filmmakers at the top of their game. This pair have proven their ability to bring challenging themes to screen audiences and this new series told from the perspective of high school girls from diverse cultural backgrounds will offer an important insight into current social and ethical issues facing our society.”

South Australian Film Corporation’s Head of Production, Development, Attraction and Studios, Amanda Duthie added:

“Congratulations to Closer for achieving the first network-commissioned primetime long-form drama fully created in South Australia. In telling this timely story they have attracted outstanding cast, crew and creatives to the production, and with a 60 per cent female representation.”

The Hunting is created by Sophie Hyde (Animals, 52 Tuesdays) and Matthew Cormack (52 Tuesdays, F*!#ing Adelaide), directed by Ana Kokkinos (Mustangs FC, Seven Types of Ambiguity) and Sophie Hyde, and produced by Rebecca Summerton (Animals, F*!#ing Adelaide), Sophie Hyde and Lisa Scott (Pine Gap, Janet King). The series is written by Matthew Cormack and Niki Aken (The Secret Daughter, Janet King), executive produced by Sue Masters (SBS). Director of Photography is Bonnie Elliott (Palm Beach, Romper Stomper) and Editor is Bryan Mason (Animals, 52 Tuesdays).

The Hunting is a Closer Productions production for SBS, with major production investment from SBS and Screen Australia, in association with the South Australian Film Corporation. International sales are handled by DCD Rights.

Photos by: Ashleigh Knott, Nat Rogers