Pamela Rabe in Rosehaven

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Pamela Rabe in Rosehaven


Out of their teal prison clobber, Wentworth women are loving the chance to do comedy in Rosehaven.


Rosehaven doesn’t draw upon many guest actors in its final season, but writers Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor were thrilled to have Wentworth‘s own Pamela Rabe in the mix.

She appears this week sharing the screen, albeit briefly, with Kris McQuade who starred in the first season of Wentworth, before Rabe joined the Foxtel series.

“We’ve been very lucky with some of the powerhouse, strong female actors in the country gracing our silly little show,” Pacquola tells TV Tonight.

“Pamela and Kris McQuade have never actually acted together. And then their characters didn’t actually speak -so we added something in on the day, because we realised that we could not have this not happen. It’s such a fun little moment, with Kris pretending to hide from her.

“Pamela was so professional and incredible from start to finish, and prepared to really lean into the stupidity of our stories.”

Rabe plays unbearably agreeable landlady, Margaret.

“Luke & I were trying to come up with a character that was annoying, who you just didn’t want around. But not a complete caricature,” she explains.

“What is the most bafflingly annoying thing is when you can’t have a conversation with someone, because they just don’t hear what you’re saying. They have a point and that’s it. Their mind cannot be changed. It’s not a conversation, it’s a bulldozer and they’re not fazed by you going increasingly bananas.”

Wentworth‘s Katrina “Boomer” Milosevic will also guest star later this season while Vivienne Awosoga (Judy Bryant) also features.

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