Church tags an unconvicted robber/murderer in the hope that he will lead them to unrecovered bank funds while Angie and Stone try to locate a missing accomplice. Meanwhile, MacKenzie makes contact with her natural mother (Pamela Rabe) and both women become embroiled in an Undercover operation to nail a mastermind armed robber.

Episode 4.18 (84) – True Colours
Tuesday, November 20, 2001
Ratings: 0.872 million viewers
Written by Tim Gooding
Directed by Arnie Custo

Guest Starring:
Pamela Rabe as Eve Reisner
Jeremy Kewley as Det Snr Sgt Bryan Gray
Brett Swain as ‘Rocket’ Roddy Green
Richard Young as Col Fenech
Greg Carroll as Kevin Lewis
Katie Reilly as Jill Askin
Peter Prenga as Igor
Darcy Bonser as Kaspar
Rosemary Mitchell as Janice
Stunt Performer: Chris Kemp

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