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AACTA Awards 2017

Pam attended the AACTA 2017 Awards today. She was nominated for Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama and presented an award.

Pamela AACTA Awards 2017

The phenomenally popular showcase drama is again on the nominations list, with Pamela Rabe – who delivered some of the series’ most memorable moments this year – picking up her third AACTA nomination (for which she won in 2015).

With her character, Joan Ferguson, joining the inmates this series, it gave the actress a different direction.

“When Joan got put in jail [as a prisoner], that for me became tricky,” she admits.

“Because without the bun, without the uniform, without her mask, how do you survive when you suddenly don’t have all the paraphernalia that assures you of your status and place as an individual within the story?”






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