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Pamela Rabe - Screen Star Events - London 01 July 2018

An Audience with Pamela Rabe in London

This past Sunday was a day I’ve been waiting for and dreaming about for a long time. I’m still on a high from meeting Pamela and the overall experience.

The event was called “An Audience With Pamela Rabe” and took place in the RADA Studios in London. The doors opened at 2:15 PM. After a well-made introduction video, which you can watch below, Pamela took the stage around 3 PM. Needless to say that she looked stunning as ever. Pam talked for two hours and patiently and elaborately answered questions from the audience.

After a short break, we finally got the chance to meet her one by one. The fact that I even got within 10 feet of her was amazing, but then, you know, getting a hug from my idol? That was insane, surreal and beyond beautiful. I thought I was going to fall through the floor. She’s the sweetest and most down-to-earth person you’ll ever meet. I was starstruck and couldn’t figure out what to say despite having millions of questions. My nervousness took over me, but I will remember and cherish this moment for the rest of my life. Thank you so much!

I also want to thank Screen Star Events for making this possible to us fans. Seriously, this was one of the best organized events I’ve ever been to. If anyone of you was on the fence about attending it, please take the chance next time. It is worth every penny and then some.

Also, another warm shout out to the wonderful fellow Pamela fans I’ve met that evening. I’m sorry if I came off as a weirdo. My mind drew blank since I was overwhelmed by all of this. I wish I could have spent more time with all of you.

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Pamela Rabe wins Logie as she attends Wentworth fan event in UK

Most Outstanding Actress winner Pamela Rabe heard about her Logie win as she attended an event with Wentworth fans in the UK.

“I found out literally a minute before I walked into a room with a couple of hundred very excited Wentworth fans,” she tells TV Tonight.

“So it was a great place to be for it because they were absolutely over the moon to be able to share the news with me. And Wentworth had just won both the Most Popular and Outstanding Drama categories a few minutes earlier.

“So they were on a high which was just great.”

Rabe, currently appearing in F***ing Adelaide, has previous won an AACTA Award for her performance as Joan Ferguson.

“That’s right. I’d forgotten about that!”

But she is staying silent on any inclusion of The Freak beyond last year’s Season 5.

“I can’t say,” she laughed. “It’s the first question that always gets asked. Hang in there.

“Clearly that’s a tension they’re having fun playing with. Very interesting….”

Wentworth is currently screening 8:30 Tuesdays on Showcase while F***ing Adelaide airs on ABC from from 9.25pm Sunday July 15 and is already available on iview.

By David Knox


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  1. PamFreak

    THANKS FOR THE GREAT VIDEOS AND PICS!!!! The intro clip and the reaction from the crowd gave me chills! Felt like I was there.

  2. linda dunning

    You’ve got some great videos and pics therexx It brought it all back to me. Thanks for posting and cherish your memoriesxxxxxxx

  3. linda dunning

    Yiuve got some great pics and videos there. Brings it all back to mexx Cherish all those memoriesxxxxx

  4. Natasha

    Hey there!!

    Is it possible to grant me permission to watch this..?

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