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Artworks: Grey Gardens

One of the most extraordinary documentary films ever made is Grey Gardens. This was made in 1975 by the brothers David and Albert Maysles.

Grey Gardens achieved cult status because it brought to life two reclusive, eccentric women—a mother and daughter—living in a decaying mansion on Long Island, New York.

Some thirty years later, and after their deaths, Edith Bouvier Beale—Big Edie—and her daughter—Little Edie—became the subject of a Hollywood film with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore, and a Broadway musical, both also called Grey Gardens.

The musical Grey Gardens is being performed for the first time in Australia, at the Victorian Arts Centre in Melbourne, and it’s starring two of the most loved and distinguished women of Australian theatre: Nancye Hayes, and Pamela Rabe.

Pamela Rabe as Little Edie| Grey GardensPamela Rabe as Little Edie| Grey Gardens


Pamela Rabe | ABC Local Interview | Grey Gardens

Communism, delusion and art – fascinating combinations

PAMELA RABE, one of three people handpicked to program next year’s MTC season. She also stars in a new production of ‘Grey Gardens‘, based on a true story of ‘how the mighty have fallen’ – also a fascinating look into self delusion. Pamela plays little Edie, and Nancye Hayes plays Edith Bouvier Beale, they were Jackie O’s Aunt and cousin, who used to be filthy rich and swanky and moved in the highest society. But they hit hard times and sank into delusion. The house became a junk full of feral cats and they became reclusives. ‘Grey Gardens’ opens on 25 November til 4 Dec, 12 performances only at the Arts Centre Playhouse.

Jon’s co-host Stuart Littlemore is a barrister, author and former Media Watch host, also speaking tonight (10 November) at the Wheeler Centre for Law Week, it’s a free event at 6.15pm (in the south wing of the State Library).

FRANK MOORHOUSE, prizewinning author. He started as a newspaper copy boy – now his mantlepiece includes a Miles Franklin, a Walkley, the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award and the National Award for Fiction. His new book ‘ Cold Light’ is the final volume of his epic trilogy (a companion to Grand Days and Dark Palace).

Stuart Littlemore, Frank Moorhouse, Pamela Rabe (Samantha Stayner - ABC Local Radio)Stuart Littlemore, Frank Moorhouse, Pamela Rabe (ABC Local Radio)



Pamela Rabe - Life Matters Interview

Life Matters | In the next room, or the vibrator play

Sexual healing has come a long way since the 1880s.

Then doctors administered some very special treatments to women diagnosed with ‘hysteria’, apparently a common condition in women at the turn of the century.

A play making its Australian premiere, In the next room, or the vibrator play, explores this medical condition, and the preferred treatment.

Directed by Pamela Rabe and starring Jacqueline McKenzie.

Pamela Rabe and Jacqueline McKenzie | Photo by Jane ShieldsPamela Rabe and Jacqueline McKenzie | Photo by Jane Shields

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