Pamela Rabe Belvoir Artists at Work

Pamela Rabe is featured in the new Belvoir Theatre Artists at Work video

You can see Pam a few times in the latest Belvoir video “Artists at Work”.
Last year as a direct response to the devastating loss of work for the freelance artists who make up the bulk of our workforce on and offstage, Belvoir devised a series of artistic employment initiatives broadly grouped as Artists at Work. This year, we want to continue this extraordinary initiative by making the best elements of Artists at Work a permanent part of Belvoir’s work, to support our artists in fundamental and pioneering ways. Donate today:
Pamela Rabe The Space Between Words

Pamela Rabe to perform The Space Between Words at the Sydney Writers Festival

At this gala event at Sydney Town Hall, some of the nation’s most accomplished actors like Pamela Rabe, Toby Schmitz and Michala Banas bring their talents to bear, reading electrifying poems that hold special meaning to them. Illuminating the beauty and force of poetry, each performer reads a piece they have chosen on the Festival theme, Within Reach. Exploring memory, the current moment and what lies ahead, they show how the power of prose can transcend the boundaries and borders that separate us.

The Space Between Words
When: May 1st 2021 | Sydney Town Hall

Tickets are available here:

Pamela Rabe | The Last Season | Force Majeure

Short behind the scenes glimpse of Pamela Rabe in The Last Season

Short behind the scenes glimpse of Pamela Rabe in The Last Season from today’s SBS News. Thanks to Force Majeure on IG for the hint 😊

Pamela Rabe | Interview The Australian December 2020

Pamela Rabe opens up about Wentworth and working on stage

On television she is known as Wentworth’s Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson. Actor PAMELA RABE, 61, splits her time between Melbourne and Tasmania and is starring in the world premiere of The Last Season as part of Sydney Festival

Before this interview I actually felt a bit nervous and realised it’s because I just binged season eight of Wentworth. How does it feel to play a character who provokes such a visceral reaction?

By the time my work meets its audience it’s always a good 6-12 months after it’s finished so I’ve generally well and truly moved on and [the reaction] takes me by surprise. Generally speaking, people are pretty good. Just occasionally I see a shift in eyes. Some people hyperventilate a little bit but I’m not sure if that’s more to do with the fact that somebody they’ve had in their loungeroom for a binge session has suddenly materialised in front of them or whether it has something to do with the terror Joan Ferguson wreaks.

Pamela Rabe | Photo by John Appleyard (2017)Pamela Rabe | Photo by John Appleyard (2017)

Thinking about one’s ability to change, is it a case of once a villain, always a villain?

Well, that would be sad, wouldn’t it? We all have a — probably never more so than now in the middle of a pandemic — a desire for things to be normal and not to change. So maybe if people want to put things in a box. I haven’t found that personally. If it’s a question of a professional “once a villain, always a villain”, that’s certainly not been the case. I’m lucky enough to work across a lot of different media doing a lot of different roles that stretch me in different ways. But I don’t ever take for granted the great gift and privilege it was to play that villain. I’m certainly not the first person to say villains are wonderful to play. Read More

Pamela Rabe | The Last Season | Force Majeure

Force Majeure THE LAST SEASON World Premiere

From the acclaimed dance theatre company Force Majeure and director Danielle Micich comes a provoking work created in extraordinary times.

Inspired by the music and themes of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, this world premiere production explores themes of ageing, environmental destruction, speculative paths to human survival, and asks: ‘How did we get here? What have we built? How can we continue?’

With original text by Tom Wright and music by Kelly Ryall, The Last Season brings together Australian stage icons Paul Capsis and Pamela Rabe, the powerhouse Irish actor Olwen Fouéré, and an ensemble of 13 young performers in a vibrant intergenerational conversation.

At this critical time in human history, Force Majeure continues its commitment to making work exploring and questioning contemporary culture.
You can book your ticket here

Pamela Rabe in The Last Season | Coming January 2021