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Pamela Rabe Calendar Giveaway

✨GIVEAWAY!✨ It’s that time of the year again! Enter our Christmas giveaway for a chance to win a Pamela Rabe 2020 calendar.

One lucky winner will win it. To enter:

1. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (@pamrabefans)

2. Like and/or share this post
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3. Comment with your favorite quote from Pam

*Contest ends 17 November 2019.

Good luck <3

Pamela Rabe Giveaway

#PamelaRabe #Giveaway

Update 11 November

Pamela Rabe Giveaway

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  1. Pat Mellow

    “ WHO’S NEXT???”

  2. Pat Mellow

    WHO’S NEXT????”

    1. Pj

      I aim to scare the shit out of everyone

  3. Nechamah Singer

    You’ve f*cked the wrong lunatic.

  4. Robin DeLisle

    I did all three, but don’t remember filling out the form, so pardon if you see it twice.

    1. Anne Carroll

      You’ve licked your last Pussy

  5. Linda Millett

    “You should be very careful how you speak to me Mr. Fletcher… very careful indeed”

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