Pamela Rabe in ‘Fish Tales’

I’ve added ‘Fish Tales‘ to the “Other Projects” section. Fish Tales is an audiobook from 1993 adapted by Susan Geason from stories published in her books Shaved Fish and Dog Fishm, with Dennis Miller as Syd Fish and Pamela Rabe as Lizzie Darcy. Unfortunately I haven’t found any audio files, just 1 photo. If anyone has it and wants to share it with us, just drop me an email 🙂

Pamela Rabe and Dennis Miller in Fish TalesPamela Rabe and Dennis Miller in Fish Tales (Photo by The Age)

Dumped from his job as a politician’s minder, Syd Fish finds a new career as a private detective. Cynical, sardonic and infinitely flexible, he soon discovers detecting is not all that different from politics. Syd cuts a swathe through Sydney’s underworld deflating pomposity, falling in love, making enemies, getting in too deep, cutting deals and sometimes even solving a case. His friend Lizzie Darcy, a well respected journalist with reasoning powers as well as access to information, is on hand to help him out. Click here for more info.

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