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Acclaimed actor Pamela Rabe joined Breakfasters to chat about her latest role in The Testament of Mary. In this performance Rabe plays a mourning and defiant Mary in a re-imagined narrative of the Mother of Christ. Listen back as they discuss varying degrees of religiosity, Rabe’s own experiences with Christianity and more generally, if she likes playing the villain and why. Plus they ask the question: if Mary’s voice could be heard, what is it that she would most want to say?


Pamela Rabe at Radio RRR 2017


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  1. Natasha Graver

    Helllloooooooooooo thank you for this beautiful website.
    Is there a way to get this link to work?

    1. Sarina

      @Natasha Graver Updated the audio link 🙂

    2. Natasha

      Thank you!!😀
      I was ready to spend my day searching far and wide for this.

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