Interview: Pamela Rabe – Wentworth

Playing one of the most formidable women in Wentworth prison – Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson – has given Pamela Rabe the freedom to develop as an actor.

Wentworth is much more than just a re-imagination of iconic Australian drama series Prisoner. After four successful seasons, it’s now as volatile and unpredictable as the female inmates who populate the titular prison, and continues to gain momentum and a legion of loyal fans.

“Each subsequent season has a huge responsibility to maintain the drama and excitement and then build on it,” says Pamela Rabe, who plays the prison’s fearsome and manipulative governor Joan Ferguson, aka The Freak – a role made famous by Maggie Kirkpatrick in the original series.

“I wanted her to stand alone,” says Rabe of her interpretation of the character. “I’ve worked with Maggie on the stage, and I know her well and know the impact of that character. Joan Ferguson in Wentworth is closer in her persona to Maggie’s character than others who share their names with Prisoner characters, but I chose not to study or incorporate anything Maggie had created. I happily slipped on the gloves and went to work.” (more…)

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Female First: Pamela Rabe exclusive Wentworth Prison interview

As one of the most celebrated actors to be a part of Wentworth Prison, Pamela Rabe has garnered an incredible fanbase since starring on the show, despite playing villainous Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson.

We got the opportunity to once again catch up with Pamela to find out all about filming some hugely emotional scenes in the fourth season of the show, how things work behind the scenes with her co-stars and much more…

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In season 4 we see Joan go from Governor to prisoner – how did you find that transition?

Pretty challenging actually, is the short answer to that. I love a challenge, so it was really exciting as well. I think having played a character from the last couple of seasons who, for the most part felt pretty sure of who she was, as long as she had the bun and the uniform on, when that bit of armour disappears it suddenly becomes a much more tricky thing to negotiate. I was very intrigued with all the twists and turns that the writers threw into my past and did my best to embrace them, and work out how Joan would work her way through those things. (more…)

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