Wentworth Season 8 Part 2

Wentworth Season 8 Part 2 Release Date

WENTWORTH: THE FINAL SENTENCE Starts Tuesday August 24 at 8.30pm on FOX SHOWCASE

Get those teal tracksuits ready, because we have the date that the final instalment of Wentworth is coming to FOX SHOWCASE

Grab your teal trackie, your Monte Carlo biscuits, some state-approved teabags and get ready – we’ve got the date for when the final 10 episodes of Wentworth are coming our way.

When Teal Tuesdays return to our lives, we’ll finally get to see how the globally popular prison-set series comes to a close, with fans on the edge of their seats after the last instalment.

There’s a lot to tie up from our last glimpse inside the prison, which left us with Top Dog Allie (Kate Jenkinson) viciously stabbed and left for dead on the shower room floor, the realisation that new inmate Judy Bryant (Vivienne Awosoga) is far more dangerous than we’d first been led to believe and the arrival of Sheila (Marta Dusseldorp) riling up the one person at Wentworth you really don’t want to upset – Lou Kelly (Kate Box). Of course, we also have Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) finally fully aware of her true identity, following a period of amnesia, uttering that ominous line at the close of the finale: “I am The Freak.”

Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson in Wentworth Season 8 Part 2

“The wonderful thing is that she does have this big secret now,” Rabe revealed after that shocking episode aired. “And the question is: how does she live with that, who knows about it, how do they find out and what’s it going to mean for their survival rate?”

Box also gave us a taste of what to expect when we caught up with her at the start of the year.

“The end of season eight, part one, and the beginning of season eight, part two, is pretty explosive,” she said. “There are some extraordinary acts of betrayal and revenge. Some of it was quite terrifying to shoot, actually, which was fun as well. It does really set up for a massive final season.”

Trust us, we’re more excited than the Wentworth inmates are when a shiv fight is about to go down in the laundry.

To get back in the teal zone, we suggest you catch up on previous seasons of Wentworth, which are all available to watch On Demand. Then you’ll have no excuse for not being prepared once August 24 rolls around! We don’t want to have to send Smiles (Jacqueline Brennan) around now, do we?

Words Cameron Bayley

Source: foxtel.com.au

Pamela Rabe | Interview The Australian December 2020

Pamela Rabe opens up about Wentworth and working on stage

On television she is known as Wentworth’s Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson. Actor PAMELA RABE, 61, splits her time between Melbourne and Tasmania and is starring in the world premiere of The Last Season as part of Sydney Festival

Before this interview I actually felt a bit nervous and realised it’s because I just binged season eight of Wentworth. How does it feel to play a character who provokes such a visceral reaction?

By the time my work meets its audience it’s always a good 6-12 months after it’s finished so I’ve generally well and truly moved on and [the reaction] takes me by surprise. Generally speaking, people are pretty good. Just occasionally I see a shift in eyes. Some people hyperventilate a little bit but I’m not sure if that’s more to do with the fact that somebody they’ve had in their loungeroom for a binge session has suddenly materialised in front of them or whether it has something to do with the terror Joan Ferguson wreaks.

Pamela Rabe | Photo by John Appleyard (2017)Pamela Rabe | Photo by John Appleyard (2017)

Thinking about one’s ability to change, is it a case of once a villain, always a villain?

Well, that would be sad, wouldn’t it? We all have a — probably never more so than now in the middle of a pandemic — a desire for things to be normal and not to change. So maybe if people want to put things in a box. I haven’t found that personally. If it’s a question of a professional “once a villain, always a villain”, that’s certainly not been the case. I’m lucky enough to work across a lot of different media doing a lot of different roles that stretch me in different ways. But I don’t ever take for granted the great gift and privilege it was to play that villain. I’m certainly not the first person to say villains are wonderful to play. Read More

Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson / Kath Maxwell In Wentworth Season 8 Redemption

Wentworth Season 8.2 Behind the Bars Video

There’s a new Behind The Bars video for Wentworth Season 8.2 on Youtube by pokpok9. There’s still no release date yet but this last season of Wentworth is coming in 2021.

Some screenshots of Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson. The Freak is back 🙂

Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson / Kath Maxwell In Wentworth Season 8 Redemption

AACTA Screen Fest Wentworth Panel

The AACTA Wentworth Panel 2 is now available on YouTube.

Panel two features more of your favourites from WENTWORTH Season 8 (Foxtel) – Kate Box (Lou), Kate Jenkinson (Allie), Katrina Milosevic (Sue), Pamela Rabe (‘The Freak)’ and Zoe Terakes (Reb). With a passionate fanbase spread across 90 countries, and with nine AACTA Award nominations and wins over the past six years, it’s fair to say WENTWORTH has wowed fans and critics alike. With its hard-hitting storylines and fearless characters, hear firsthand from the talent behind Australia’s longest running one-hour drama series. Hosted by Erin McWhirter, Editor of Foxtel Magazine.


Source: https://www.screenfest.com.au

Pamela Rabe hitns people will suffer in Wentworth Season 8 Part 2 - coming 2021

Wentworth’s Joan star hints people will ‘suffer’ as villain’s memory finally returns

EXCLUSIVE for dailystar.co.uk: Wentworth Prison fans watched as Joan Ferguson finally remembered who she was after spending much of the eighth season believing she was Kath Maxwell, and actress Pamela Rabe promises plenty of fall out in the final season

Wentworth star Pamela Rabe has promised some suffering for the other characters in the final season after her character Joan Ferguson finally remembered who she really was.

In the season eight finale, which aired on 5STAR on Wednesday night, Joan had a breakthrough with her memory after believing she was Kath Maxwell since her head injury, and glimpses of her past – including her time in prison and as the governor – all flooded back.

The Australian prison drama will return for its final season next year and, while she refused to give too many spoilers, Pamela made one thing clear: Joan’s recovery will affect everyone.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, the 61-year-old said: “Now that you’re carrying all those parts of yourself at the same time, which bits will win and, if they manifest, how will they? Who will recognise it and who will be affected by it?

“Who will suffer from it – or even benefit from it?

“That’s really the crux of the dilemma she has now, if and when the old Joan will resurface.”

Joan's memory returned after flashbacks from her childhood (Image: Freemantle)Joan’s memory returned after flashbacks from her childhood (Image: Freemantle)

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