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Renewed: 20 more episodes for Wentworth

Wentworth is to be renewed for 20 new episodes! And that means: Joan Ferguson could be back! A fan met Pamela Rabe last week after “The Dance of Death” and when they were talking about Wentworth Pam asked what we thought about it and said “just hang in there a bit longer” 😉 She also said that we should write to the creators and let them know we’re sad because they do listen! So, if you have a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account: you know what to do! #BringBackJoanFerguson

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Hit Foxtel drama Wentworth is to be renewed for 20 new episodes, delighting thousands of fans who had feared the show was ending.

Shooting will recommence next September for screening in 2020 – 2021.

The renewal comes on top of Season 7 already completed earlier this year, taking the series to a total of 100 episodes.

The vote of confidence comes after the rare feat of winning Logies as both Most Outstanding and Most Popular Drama.

Several months ago there was speculation the series was concluding, but Foxtel indicated discussions were ongoing.

That led to a fan campaign to “Save Wentworth” and an early priority for incoming Fremantle CEO Chris Oliver-Taylor.

TV Tonight understands discussions to continue the show took place between Oliver-Taylor, Fremantle Director of Scripted Jo Porter, Foxtel CEO Patrick Delany, Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh, and Foxtel Head of Drama Penny Win.

Foxtel is expected to formally announce the renewal in early December.

The series, based on Reg Watson-created Prisoner, is currently Australia’s longest-running one hour drama, sold to 141 international territories, plus German, Dutch & Turkish remakes.

Season 7 is due to screen on FOX Showcase in 2019.

Source: tvtonight.com.au

Pamela Rabe & Maggie Kirkpatrick about Joan Ferguson

Diva Magazine: A Tale of Two Freaks


Slipping on those famous leather gloves and stalking the corridors of Wentworth Detention Centre, Prisoner’s Joan Ferguson instantly became not only an iconic television villain but also a rare occurrence of a lesbian character in early 80s television. Making her debut in episode 287, broadcast in Australia in June 1982, officer Ferguson – nicknamed The Freak – quickly got to business at the female jail, performing questionable body searches, involving herself with gambling rackets and taking a shine to new inmate Hannah Simpson. Indeed, until the final episode – number 692 – aired in December 1986, there was very little untoward activity that she wasn’t involved in, until finally getting her comeuppance. But that’s not the end of this “sadistic, corrupt, bull-dyke screw”, as the character was originally pitched to actor Maggie Kirkpatrick. The series gained a new lease of life when sold overseas, following the success of exports such as Neighbours and Home And Away. Kirkpatrick travelled the world as the fanbase grew, also appearing alongside Paul O’Grady’s drag alter-ego Lily Savage in a West End musical production of Prisoner: Cell Block H – as the show was renamed in the UK.

Pamela Rabe & Maggie Kirkpatrick in Birmingham July 2018Photo by Paul Schnaars / Screen Star Events

Yet that still wasn’t the end for Ferguson. In 2013, a reimagining of the series, Wentworth, began in Australia. Swiftly becoming one of the best drama series of recent years, a familiar name joined the ranks of Wentworth Correctional Centre. Joan Ferguson returned to screens, The Freak reborn and reimagined by actor Pamela Rabe. She’s been so successful in the role that she’s been nominated for, and won, several awards – including having recently picked up a Logie for Most Outstanding Actress. Read More

Pamela Rabe / Joan Ferguson still alive in Wentworth season six finale?

You’ve Got Blackmail

Twist and bombshells keep the shocks coming

The pressure has been building for weeks and a series of explosive storylines are set to ignite in this week’s tense and explosive Wentworth finale.
The gritty Aussie prison drama never fails to deliver – and the dramatic end to season six is no exception. It even took the cast by surprise.
“The whole episode – as a fan and as an actor in it – is unreal.” Leah Purcell 48, who plays Rita Connors, tells TV WEEK.

After teasing it out – and ramping up the tension – across the season, Vera’s (Kate Atkinson) blackmailer is finally revealed in a jaw-dropping twist.
Is it Joan “The Freak” Ferguson (Pamela Rabe)? Is she still alive and tormenting her? The chilling revelation leaves the governor stunned. We also learn Vera has been keeping another secret of her own. Will (Robbie Magasiva) and Jake (Bernard Curry) are equally dumbfounded. And the shocks continue in the moments that follow the unmasking, especially as Will is just seconds away from confessing his involvement in The Freak’s disappearance to the investigating officers.

The deadly post-reveal twist cleverly paves the way for the trio to potentially extricate themselves from the criminal predicament they’ve found themselves in. But they might not be in the clear just yet. Read More

Is The Freak Dead Or Alive?

Is The Freak Alive?

Shock new revelations freak out Will, Vera and Jake

It does little to clear up the mystery surrounding The Freak

The reverberations from last week’s inconclusive discovery at the gravesite drives another gripping episode of Wentworth this week. Will (Robbie Magasiva), Vera (Kate Atkinson) and Jack (Bernard Curry) dug up what they thought was Joan ‘The Freak” Ferguson’s (Pamela Rabe) grave. Inside the crate, they discovered an unidentifiable decomposing body in a teal jumper. Was it Joan’s body or not?
The possibility that The Freak is still alive forces Vera and Will on a mission to a remote but to seek information. While there, Vera is attacked by a hidden foe. Thankfully, Will is able to rescue the startled screw. The pair are shocked to learn the identity of the assailant. But the discovery does little to clear up the mystery surrounding The Freak and only adds to their paranoia. And in the episode’s final dramatic moments, another heart-stopping development will leave the three prison officers on tenterhooks.

Source: TV Week

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Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson in Wentworth Season 6

Is The Freak really dead?

After watching the latest Wentworth episode “Shallow Grave” I still believe Joan Ferguson is alive. That dummy we saw briefly doesn’t look like her at all… wrong teeth and no rope marks. So, I still think she‘s alive but will be killed by either Will/Jake/Vera in episode 12 At least they gave us some more hallucination scenes Here are some Joanie screenshots for you (and that cheap dummy lol).

Wentworth S06E09 Shallow Grave

Joan Ferguson: Dead or Alive?

Not long now until we know if Joan is in the box or not… What do you think – dead or alive? 🤔#PamelaRabe #JoanFerguson #Wentworth #WentworthPrison

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Wentworth has finished filming Season 7

Wentworth is ending with Season 7

Possible major spoilers for season 7 of Wentworth:

Filming for Season 7 of Wentworth has wrapped today. Judging by subsequent Instagram posts from the cast, it’s looking like the forthcoming 10 episodes may unfortunately be the last. What adds to this rumor are the S07 leaks that were accidently posted on the Screen Australia site yesterday. Those pretty much confirmed that we have to say goodbye to our favorite show (even though there’s still no official statement).

However, Pamela wasn’t listed in the cast info and the description said: “With the case of Joan Ferguson put to bed, a significantly pregnant Vera and her co-conspirators, Will and Jake, are off the hook, at least for now.”

No matter which direction the series chooses to go, we’ll forever ship Freaktits and keep their legacy alive. Am I right or am I right?

Pamela Rabe and Kate Atkinson Read More