New Pamela pics with fans

Edit: Three Two Pamela Rabe fans posted their photos with her on Instagram during the last 2 weeks. And I just love them 🖤

First 2 pics are from Belinda Grixti
belindagrixti: Clearly Pamela Rabe wasn’t as excited to meet me as I was her. What a great end to a fun couple of months! #bucketlistmoment


Pamela Rabe & Belinda Grixti
Pamela Rabe & Belinda Grixti

Next one is from Craig Jeffery who met Pam in a sushi shop in Adelaide 😀
cjscape_: It isn’t every day you get to meet your idol (or rather, corner them in a sushi shop for a selfie). The brilliantly talented Pamela Rabe is a polar contrast to ‘The Freak’ she plays on Wentworth.. charismatic and kindly spoken, with a witty sense of humour. What a woman! Thanks for the chat 🙂 😍 #pamelarabe #wentworth
She just went in to ask the server where she could find a place that makes a nice cheese and salad sandwich. That was my cue to jump in with a suggestion 🙂 (She was visiting Adelaide today)

And I just found another one by Donna Andrius
donziebabes: #thefreak #starstruck #lifeiscomplete #wheresfrankie ❤️❤️

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