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Return of The Freak

Pamela Rabe on set of Wentworth Season 8If Wentworth fans were shocked Joan “The Freak” Ferguson has come back from the dead they’re not alone. Pamela Rabe, who plays the psychotic governor-turned-prisoner, believed The Freak was, well, dead and bur-ied alive after leaving 2017’s cliffhanger in a coffin.

“I assumed Joan was gone, and she’d gone out with a bang,” Rabe said. “I was as surprised as anyone to get the phone call (to return to the show) but I’m thrilled it happened. I didn’t expect to come back to Wentworth, and I don’t think many of my fellow cast members knew until I rocked up to the set again.

“I always said to the producers I have no problem going, when you think the character has run its course, just let me know, but please let me go out with a bang. And I thought it can’t get better than that, that’s fabulous, but we’ll see.”

The new series sees The Freak continue her revenge on prison boss Vera Bennett. “That story’s not finished,” Rabe said. “There is some extraordinary stuff coming up.”

Wentworth: Redemption starts next Tuesday, with the first of 20 episodes which will see the drama end next year. The pandemic has seen all seven series of Wentworth being discovered — and rediscovered — by viewers.

This month Wentworth has been the third most viewed program on Foxtel’s on demand store, behind only Modern Family and Game Of Thrones. Wentworth Redemption, Foxtel Showcase, Tuesday, 8.30pm

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  1. Nicole Harvey

    Hi from Toronto!

    I binged all eight seasons of 《Wentworth》 in a month, finishing the last three on my birthday the other evening. It was a great gift! 😁 Now, I am watching Wentworth interviews, and they have been SUCH fun (to quote Miranda Hart)!!!!! I am particularly fascinated by ones that have to do with The Freak, perhaps because I’m somewhat concerned about the fact that I have (some) compassion (sometimes) for Joan Ferguson. This reality, in some way, scares the bloody hell right out of me!!!! I rationalize it by chalking it up to impeccable writing and superior acting — all of which is true — but I wonder if I need to go to a shrink!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    At one point many seasons back, I actually researched some bio on you — the actual actress — to try to humanize her because I hated Ferguson so much despite prior moments of quasi-compassion!!!!! Lol!! As a kid, Jack Nicholson’s character in 《The Shining》freaked me out so much that I thought I didn’t like Jack Nicholson for years!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I didn’t want the same to happen with you, Ms Rabe!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I just want to say that your talent — and the talent of your co-stars, the writers, all who work so damned hard behind the scenes to make 《Wentworth》 the kick-ass show that it is — has been inspiring. Your work would be exceptionally engaging at the best of times, but to give life at a time when we in Toronto are in quasi-shock at the arrival of a third, more intense wave of covid variants in the GTA, is an astounding thing. To be given brain food, emotional highs, tears, squeals of marvel at plot twists, and so on is to be given human experiences that we’re otherwise being somewhat deprived of (if we’re lucky….If this is as bad as it gets, I need to count my blessings). You all deserve gratitude on top of that which comes from standing ovations! Thank you!

    I did well for the first year to keep myself engaged in my wee “cage” that is my apartment. I am grateful to live alone with my four four-footed meowing roommates, but after a year of this I finally started feeling like I was going to go a bit squirrely! Not Joan Ferguson squirrely, though! Good God! Let me be clear! 🤣 Then came Bea, Franky, et al….! It was amazing to feel excited!!!!!!!!! Not everyone always likes my excitability – nor do some even know what to do with it– so I decided to share my thoughts with the primary source(s) influencing it!!!!! 😁

    It goes without saying that the Arts matter. As a teacher, I have the highest hopes that more people realize it and act on giving our kids opportunities….!

    Thank you so much! Writing fan letters has never been my thing. But once in awhile I feel compelled to speak the truth to the deserving!

    Take care!

    Anxiously awaiting Season 9 with the rest of your fans,


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