A Cartoon Caricature On Stage

Cartoonist Jules Feiffer took the techniques of his satirical art and applied them to the stage when he wrote ‘Little Murders‘ in the late sixties. As in caricature, he began with common human foibles and enlarged and exaggerated them to the point where they became both hilarious and devastating.

He is said to have predicted the Me Generation and was the first of the humorists, like Woody Allen and Gary Trudeau, to exploit the neuroses, fears and alienation of the “urban beast” living with the constant assault on the senses in a big city.

Pamela Rabe hams it up in preparation for her role as an all-american daughter in "Little Murders"Pamela Rabe hams it up in preparation for her role as an all-american daughter in “Little Murders”

Although the play is now regarded as one of the greatest American comedy of the 20th Century, it closed after four shows when it first opened in New York in 1967. Pamela Rabe, the Canadian-born actress and winner of the Green Room award for Best Actress in ‘Gertrude Stein and Companion‘, plays the all-American daughter Patsy. She says that Feiffer’s vision of random violence as a part of everyday life was too close to the bone. Although it received many awards it “got slammed in the press”. (more…)

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LIVING SO FAR from the family homestead in Canada means that Melbourne actress Pamela Rabe doesn’t often get the chance to see her family, so it’s no wonder that seeing them, or at least talking to them, would be high on her list of priority Christmas presents. “I’d just love the opportunity to see them all again. We haven’t been together for years,” she says. “There are eight of us, and I’m the only one outside the country. The others are scattered all over Canada. Christmas was usually the only time we spent together. Unfortunately, I can’t go home this year due to work commitments and none of them can come here, so I’m feeling very lonely. “The next best thing would be a phone link-up. Can you imagine eight of us trying to hold a conversation? None of it would make sense with all the giggling!” (more…)

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Space and High Style

Canadian actress Pamela Rabe has lived in Australia less than two years, but already she is certain she wants to stay.

Pamela, 25, made up her mind at an early age that this might be the place for her. “There are similarities between Canada and Australia,” she said, “such as each other’s colonial heritage. And each country has had to fight an inferiority complex, Canada with regard to the USA, and Australia with regard to Britain.” (more…)

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