Pamela Rabe in The Fitzroy Diaries

Seems like Pam will be in series 2 of The Fitzroy Diaries! This photo was posted on their Facebook page today.

Pamela Rabe | Fitzroy Diaries Book | Photo by
Caroline Craig (Gayle, who used to live in such a lovely street in Brighton), Lorin Clarke, and Pamela Rabe. Series two is getting really interesting… Taken in the gorgeous old drama studio at the ABC in Sydney.


The Fitzroy Diaries is an audio fiction podcast originally aired on ABC RN’s life Matters in Australia. Observational, funny, sometimes a little bit sad, series one of The Fitzroy Diaries stars the unofficial mayor of Fitzroy, Uncle Jack Charles alongside Caroline Craig, Nyawuda Chuol, Joel Davey, Stewart Farrell, Alexandra Hines, Luke Ryan and Stewart Thorn. Written and narrated by Lorin Clarke. Script edited and produced by Sophie Townsend. Recorded by Richard Girvan. Sound design by Mark Don. Illustrations for the series by Sonia Kretschmar. Thanks for listening.
Series II of The Fitzroy Diaries is currently in production and due to be released on ABC radio and in podcast form in, we hope, August 2019.
A book version of The Fitzroy Diaries is being written for Pan Macmillan.

Source: Facebook

Elling Updates

Updated the “Elling” section with 3 photos, articles and an interview. Click on the photo below for more info about the play.

Pamela Rabe | Elling 2012

“It’s about two unlikely friends who meet in a kind of extended mental health care facility as they’re both dealing with crises in their lives. One of them, the eponymous hero Elling, has arrived there as a man in his mid-40s, who has lived all of his life with his mother. [He’s had] certain issues – fear of going out, fear of answering the telephone, lots of things – but lived rather happily in a well-balanced world with his mum.” When his mother dies he ends up in the facility and meets Kjell, a 40-year-old sex- and food-obsessed virgin. “They get put in a room together, and strike up a very unusual friendship,” says Pamela Rabe. Eventually the welfare system moves them to an apartment of their own, on the condition that they prove they can lead normal, independent lives. The rest of the play follows them trying to do just that against obstacles that Rabe says can sometimes seem insurmountable.

Pamela Rabe in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof | Opening Night

Daniel Boud took some great photos from the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof opening night last Friday. Seems like Pam got some extra padding 😉

Pamela Rabe in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof | Photo by Daniel Boud / STC

Here are some more photos of the production:

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Photos by lyridsmc and Daniel Boud

An incomparable cast gather for this boozy, sultry furore of Southern fireworks. Hugo Weaving will be at his magnetic best as the commanding patriarch. The transcendent Pamela Rabe returns as Big Mama following her Helpmann Award-winning performance in The Children. Harry Greenwood (Cloud Nine) brings fresh brilliance to the stratified role of Brick and Zahra Newman (The Book of Mormon) will give us an unmissable Maggie the Cat. -STC | Get your tickets here!

Pamela Rabe – Jumpy

The Jumpy section got an update: An interview with Pamela Rabe, rehearsal pics and I colourised the photo below from the opening night.

Director Pamela Rabe, no stranger to STC as both an actor (Les Liaisons Dangereuses) and a director, (In the Next Room, or the vibrator play) brings her deft touch to the play’s generous wit and pathos as this contemporary family struggles to navigate the perils of teenage rebellion and domestic life without falling apart. Sydney Theatre Company

Pamela Rabe | Jumpy Opening Night