You are currently viewing “They didn’t tell me!” – Pamela Rabe talks co-stars

“They didn’t tell me!” – Pamela Rabe talks co-stars

In the current issue of TV Week there is a short Pamela Rabe interview about ‘Bay of Fires’ and her current play ‘The Confessions’ with which she is currently on tour in Europe.

“They Didn’t Tell Me”
Pamela Rabe Talks Co-Stars

When Pamela Rabe signed on for Bay Of Fires, she found herself working with some big names – including Ned the pig from Rosehaven. Ned plays Truffles, the beloved pet of Pamela’s character Magda and her partner Heather.

“They didn’t tell me was he was only six months old in Rosehaven, so he’d grown far more statuesque, with a mind of his own,” Pamela tells TV WEEK. “Sometimes Truffles would decide it wasn’t the day he wanted to hit his mark and would take off down the street with both of us in tow.”

One thing that wasn’t a stretch for the former Wentworth star was playing Roz’s long-term partner. The pair have been close since starring in a play together 20 years ago. “I adore Roz,” Pamela says. “I can lean into that history we have.”

Since filming finished on Bay Of Fires, Pamela has been touring Europe with the play The Confessions, her theatre director husband Roger Hodgman by her side. “I couldn’t be away for this length of time without him.” she says.

At 64, Pamela loves what she’s doing. “I look forward to the adventures continuing!” she says.

Source: TV Week

Pamela Rabe and Roz Hammon in Bay of Fires | Photo by Brooke Rushton  Pamela Rabe in Bay of Fires | Photo by Brooke Rushton
Photos by Brooke Rushton

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