Pamela Rabe | The Chatty Women | Interview 1995

Interview Update: Three Chatty Women With Style (1995)

I’ve added an interview with Pamela Rabe, Ruth Cracknell and Pippa Williamson from The Age (August 1995) about Three Tall Women to the interview section.

Three tall women discuss acting, memories and the pointlessness of critics.

Three women are having a natter around a restaurant table. Death is on the agenda. Ruth Cracknell, Pamela Rabe and Pippa Williamson are discussing the recent death of Williamson’s cat. The conversation moves to a dying man’s final words, cremation and fear of death. It’s a way for us break the ice…

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Pamela Rabe, Ruth Cracknell and Pippa Williamson

Pamela in The Red Devil Battery Sign

Added this old photo of Pamela Rabe to The Red Devil Battery Sign section. Thanks to David Cooper for sending me such a treasure from 1980!

Pamela Rabe in The Red Devil Battery Sign (1980)

October 14, 1980: Tennessee Williams comes to the house for dinner. Roger Hodgman, who is directing the Vancouver Playhouse production of Williams’ late play The Red devil Battery Sign, brings him. With them come Williams’s current West End young man-companion and a perky student actress from UBC Roger seems to be currently dating (Roger’s wife Helen, the novelist, has left him for another woman, and she and her girlfriend, Barbara, who are soon to move to Australia, were round here recently for a riotous night of drinking—jaunty Australian reds that they brought with them—and hot-tubbing under the lodge-pole pines). Floyd St. Clair and David Watmough complete tonight’s group. Read more