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Pamela Rabe at The Cherry Orchard Opening Night

New Pamela Rabe photos from The Cherry Orchard Opening Night

The Cherry Orchard at Belvoir, directed by Eamon Flack is a bold production. I’ve always liked Belvoir’s inclusivity with colour blind casting, a disabled actor and a switch in gender with one of the characters. The different nationalities differentiate the characters, it’s like they have an extra costume, and the actors are all good. The script has been trimmed and this works well in the second half, which is set at a party, and is a bit trippy. Here the emotions play out with bolder strokes than I’ve ever seen in a Chekhov before, with lots of laughs. I like Chekhov and I liked this production. Go see, runs at Belvoir till 27th June. – William Yang

All photos by William Yang | Thanks to Keith Robinson for sharing them 😍

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