Pamela Rabe at the Cherry Orchard Opening Night

Pamela Rabe at The Cherry Orchard Opening Night

New Pamela Rabe photos from The Cherry Orchard Opening Night

The Cherry Orchard at Belvoir, directed by Eamon Flack is a bold production. I’ve always liked Belvoir’s inclusivity with colour blind casting, a disabled actor and a switch in gender with one of the characters. The different nationalities differentiate the characters, it’s like they have an extra costume, and the actors are all good. The script has been trimmed and this works well in the second half, which is set at a party, and is a bit trippy. Here the emotions play out with bolder strokes than I’ve ever seen in a Chekhov before, with lots of laughs. I like Chekhov and I liked this production. Go see, runs at Belvoir till 27th June. – William Yang

All photos by William Yang | Thanks to Keith Robinson for sharing them 😍

Pamela Rabe The Cherry Orchard 2021

Pamela Rabe in The Cherry Orchard (Belvoir)

The Cherry Orchard Belvoir production with Pamela Rabe as Ranevskaya started last night and the first reviews and photos are online:

Belvoir’s production is timely. We are still emerging, bleary-eyed into a world we know has changed, and has been changing economically and environmentally for decades now. But we have no collective capacity to see or to control the horizons against which this change is taking place. Will this future that is already happening have room for people who live, behave and consume like we do? Probably not.

So, how should we behave now? Is it okay to cling to the past for as long as we can? Or should we already be living differently, be different? What does it mean to still laugh and enjoy company if these are the very things that might be shielding us from reality?

At the height of the gloriously insane third act of the play, Ranevskaya — here played by Pamela Rabe in a role she embraces with all of her considerable resources — shouts out, “This might not have been the best moment for a party!” You think?

As she and her extended family await the fate of the auction on their home, they drink, laugh, sing and dance. Until they don’t.

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Pamela Rabe in The Cherry Orchard (Belvoir) Photo by Brett Boardman

Pamela Rabe in The Cherry Orchard (Belvoir) Photo by Brett Boardman

Photos by Brett Boardman

Pamela Rabe The Cherry Orchard Interview

A Chekhov classic bears new fruit for a world in a state of crisis

Belvoir St Theatre’s artistic director Eamon Flack remembers the moment he first read The Cherry Orchard by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov.

“It was on a verandah in Perth in my first year in drama school,” he says. “I was lying in a friend’s hammock. That was exactly 20 years ago. I remember a funny feeling of familiarity I had with it and some sort of excitement. It’s funny, I haven’t thought about that for a long time.”

Flack’s connection with the 117-year-old play, which he is directing from his own adaptation for a season at Belvoir St Theatre that starts on Saturday, came from memories of his peripatetic childhood.

Pamela Rabe - Original Photo by Janie Barrett

“My father had a knack for getting retrenched or fired, or for resigning in high dudgeon,” he says. “And so we kept having to leave where we were at. You’d connect to a place and then you get kicked out of it and you have to move on to the next one. I moved five times before I was eight and my response was just being a dreamer.” Read More

Pamela Rabe in the Cherry Orchard 2021

New Pamela Rabe Interview: The Stage Show with Michael Cathcart

New radio interview about Pamela and her upcoming plays The Last Season and The Cherry Orchard.

Pamela Rabe | The Last Season rehearsalsPamela Rabe | The Last Season rehearsals (Photo by Force Majeure)

Pamela Rabe moved to Australia from Canada in the early 1980s and quickly became one of our most celebrated stage and screen actors. In the last decade she’s won three Helpmann Awards. At the 2021 Sydney Festival she’ll perform in Force Majeure’s The Last Season alongside Paul Capsis, Olwen Fouéré and a company of young performers. Later in the year she’ll feature in her fourth production of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, this time at Belvoir.
Broadcast: Tue 8 Dec 2020, 10:05am

Presenter: Michael Cathcart
Producer: Kim Jirik
Supervising Producer: Rosa Ellen