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Pamela Rabe & Marta Dusseldorp Foxtel Magazine Interview

Longtime mates-turned-Wentworth co-stars Pamela Rabe and Marta Dusseldorp get candid about their enduring friendship and closing the chapter on the beloved Aussie drama
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Pamela Rabe and Marta Dusseldorp are truly two of the most formidable acting talents in Australia, revered for their work in television, film and theatre, with award-winning careers spanning decades and numerous accolades. But get them in a room together and these longtime pals are just a couple of girlfriends who love a laugh and a good chat. “We met [in 1996] on the set of Paradise Road that Bruce Beresford directed back in the 1700s,” Dusseldorp jokes. Adds Rabe: “That was an extraordinary crucible of long friendships and relationships, because it was a very intense period with a very intense subject in a very beautiful place [Port Douglas], so we were going through a lot of extraordinary things during the day and then a lot of extraordinary martinis at night! And that’s a great place to forge a friendship.”

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that both women now live near one another in the Apple Isle with their families – Rabe with her director husband Roger Hodgman, and Dusseldorp with actor husband Ben Winspear and their daughters Grace and Maggie – allowing them to catch up more often. “As actors, it’s a funny thing; we are very close in general, because we come together and we have these intense experiences and then we go away and you can have four or five of those families over a year,” Dusseldorp explains. “But for it to have sustained 25 years is unusual, I think, and a testament to the kind of women we both are – very supportive and caring. She’s just one of those people who has always been in my life and I’m very grateful for it. I have lunch more at her house than she has at my house because her husband is a very, very, very good cook!”

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