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Renewed: 20 more episodes for Wentworth

Wentworth is to be renewed for 20 new episodes! And that means: Joan Ferguson could be back! A fan met Pamela Rabe last week after “The Dance of Death” and when they were talking about Wentworth Pam asked what we thought about it and said “just hang in there a bit longer” 😉 She also said that we should write to the creators and let them know we’re sad because they do listen! So, if you have a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account: you know what to do! #BringBackJoanFerguson

Original article:

Hit Foxtel drama Wentworth is to be renewed for 20 new episodes, delighting thousands of fans who had feared the show was ending.

Shooting will recommence next September for screening in 2020 – 2021.

The renewal comes on top of Season 7 already completed earlier this year, taking the series to a total of 100 episodes.

The vote of confidence comes after the rare feat of winning Logies as both Most Outstanding and Most Popular Drama.

Several months ago there was speculation the series was concluding, but Foxtel indicated discussions were ongoing.

That led to a fan campaign to “Save Wentworth” and an early priority for incoming Fremantle CEO Chris Oliver-Taylor.

TV Tonight understands discussions to continue the show took place between Oliver-Taylor, Fremantle Director of Scripted Jo Porter, Foxtel CEO Patrick Delany, Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh, and Foxtel Head of Drama Penny Win.

Foxtel is expected to formally announce the renewal in early December.

The series, based on Reg Watson-created Prisoner, is currently Australia’s longest-running one hour drama, sold to 141 international territories, plus German, Dutch & Turkish remakes.

Season 7 is due to screen on FOX Showcase in 2019.


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  1. Julz

    Ferguson Must come back! She’s the best villain I’ve seen! Love/hate her! Pam does such an outstanding job portraying her!!!

  2. Elizabeth

    If your going to knock out all the award winning actresses then you may as well knock of Wentworth, there is still room for Joan she was never fully we will say proven guilt! Bea can be on the run orrrr Joan has a twin called Jane who will blow Wentworths minds as she steps in worst than Joan with her sisters revenge and who else will play the identical twin, Pamela Rabe for sure lol

  3. Al

    Thank God for season 8 and yes bring back Ferguson!!!! But please don’t get rid of Vera or Jackson

  4. Kathy

    Please please bring Wentworth back!!!! Orange is the new Black is no comparison to Wentworth!!!!
    The Freak is alive and the baby is coming and I miss it so much!!!!!!!

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