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Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson in Wentworth Season 6

Is The Freak really dead?

After watching the latest Wentworth episode “Shallow Grave” I still believe Joan Ferguson is alive. That dummy we saw briefly doesn’t look like her at all… wrong teeth and no rope marks. So, I still think she‘s alive but will be killed by either Will/Jake/Vera in episode 12 At least they gave us some more hallucination scenes Here are some Joanie screenshots for you (and that cheap dummy lol).

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  1. Christopher James

    I love Pamela as Joan. I don’t believe she is dead either. Why build the fans up for a whole year plus 9 more weeks just for this? If they are going to kill her off, I’d love to see a showdown between Joan and Vera. Or in episode 12, the body is identified as someone else and the we get the final scene of Joan, alive and well, looking directly at the camera with a slight smirk or that twitch in her eye. As for the body, I do agree that there should be a rope mark on her neck and I don’t know if it matters or not, but why not show her right hand with the burn glove?

    1. Sarina

      @Christopher I would absolutely LOVE an ending like this! <3

    2. Elizabeth

      Absolutely or clutching or ripped up photo of bea Liz was supposedly killed but was anther bling could it be her or I really think it’s poor maxim why would linda take her out early and she asked why she was upset I’m sure kind is keeping Joan money money until she Joan gets aquited for Beas so called murder all for conspiracy and back to govern , with Vera behind bars lol

  2. Annie Ogier

    I really do hope they haven’t killed off Ferguson

  3. Irene

    I’m in the U.S. and just saw “Shallow Grave” on Netflix. If she’s dead, which it looks like she is, I’m done with this show. No point still watching it. It’s like drinking soda with no bubbles. Fuck that. I’ll go on to episode 12 just to be sure but I think my Wentworth watching days are over. Ah, shall be missed.

  4. Kathy

    Ah,so I’m not the only one that won’t be watching if she is really dead either. I was so disappointed that I waited a year for this??? Don’t get me wrong it wasnt bad, and they did create a palpable suspense, but the show just isn’t the same for me without JF…serious I’m not sure how I can like such an evil character but the way Pamela Rabe gave her a great sadness (yet psychotic and evil at the same time) it was just awesome. Hell,made me want to go to Australia…

  5. Wendy

    If Joan’s gone so am I. It was relief not to see Frankie and her whining. Kill her off.

  6. Chad

    Personally, I hope they have killed off Joan. I was more at a loss with Bea, they said her status was “repetitive” With almost dying first by suicide, second by Joan trying to drown her, so they did kill her off at the end of season 4. It’s honestly getting old with Joan, they make her out to be an immortal untouchable character whom was nearly killed in a fire, nearly hung and saved both times. It’s true she is a great character but I think Joan’s time should be up. I mean come on, she uses the same leverage all the time. Immortal characters are boring, its time for a change up.

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