Pamela Rabe | The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie section got an update

I’ve added more info and photos from “The Glass Menagarie” in the Theatre section

A beautiful, slightly haunting play, The Glass Menagerie follows a family as it falls apartalong with the dreams that had given them some ragmented substance. Amanda Wingfield is a single mother played by the great Pamela Rabe. Her son Tom, (Luke Mullins) is an aspiring poet who works in a warehouse, her daughter Laura is studying to become a secretary. They live in a small apartment pent up with fantasies and urges, rage and wounded tenderness. It is not a magnificent existence, but each has one true idea for a better life. Enter the Gentleman Caller …

Pamela Rabe in The Glass MenagerieClick on the picture above for more info

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