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October 16, 2013: Foxtel Presents 2014 Plans at Star-Studded Event in Sydney

Foxtel reaffirmed their commitment to quality content and drama by confirming they will air the upcoming seasons of popular shows like Game of Thrones, The Newsroom, House of Cards and Veep. Locally-produced dramas will remain a priority, with women’s prison series Wentworth getting a second series next year, and mini-series The Devil’s Playground set to premiere on Showcase.

Foxtel Presents 2014

Photo credit: Ben Symons/Foxtel

Wentworth Season 2 Launch

The stars of Wentworth joined producers, execs and media last night for the second season launch.

Cast members were joined by FremantleMedia CEO Ian Hogg, Head of Drama Jo Porter, Executive Producer Amanda Crittenden and Foxtel’s Business Affairs Manager Paul Macionis.

Gathered at an art gallery in South Melbourne they were surrounded by prison props and cast portraits.

Jo Porter said, “It’s an incredible rollercoaster. It begins with the incredible arrival of our new Governor, thank you Pamela, and some wonderful new characters and builds to a fantastic crescendo at the end as well.”

Host Andrew Mercado interviewed actress Pamela Rabe, introduced as Governor Joan Ferguson.

“Part of her modus operandi is to watch, assess and work out what the best tactic will be to survive in that environment -which is not unlike my experience walking into this show!” Rabe joked.

“It’s such a gift to walk into the second series that’s enjoyed a major success here and overseas.”

But it was Wentworth‘s very own male duo, Robbie Magasiva and Aaron Jeffery, that upstaged them all with a cheeky impromptu speech ending in a bold move.

“It’s such a small group, I was just wondering if we could do a group hug? On the count of three, everyone just head into the middle…one..two…three,” said Magasiva.

Yes actors, journos, and TV execs all shamelessly huddled together like a men’s group campfire.

That’s a first.