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Wentworth Season 6 general trailers show that Joan Ferguson is haunting Will Jackson for what he did, since he is unsure if Ferguson will stay dead.

Officer Jake Stewart reassures Allie Novak that the Freak is dead, although he has no material proof of it. Ferguson’s prisoner photo shot is shown on newspapers posters around the city together with Franky’s one in order to warn people of fugitive prisoners.

Vera begins to receive anonymous phone calls and disturbances at her home in which muddy footprints are seen outside her house, a dead bird appears on her doorstep, a brick being thrown through her window, and finally, a pair of black leather gloves on her pillow. At first she becomes convinced that it is Jake, but then realizes it must be Joan as Jake has proof of his whereabouts. Later the pips of her uniform reappear following what she thought was a mix-up at the dry cleaners, which prompts her to remember something that Joan had said in the past, that she was “coming for that shiny little crown” − a reference to the design of a crown on her pips.

Vera, Jake, and a guilty-conscious Will return to the burial site where they dig up the grave. As will pulls back the wood, a decomposing body is discovered, but is it Ferguson?

Source: Wikipedia

Pamela Rabe about Joan Ferguson’s Death (“Appaling Behaviour!” 😀 )


With the fate of Ferguson still left up in the air, she is currently presumed dead, although the outcome of the police investigation DNA results have not been mentioned, nor is it known if they have been confirmed.
In the season finale, Rita Connors is being transferred from Wentworth into protective custody following the siege. Her transport vehicle travels under a bridge where homeless people are keeping warm as a hooded figure amongst them is revealed to be Joan Ferguson, who is alive after all.

Source: Wikipedia

The sixth season of television drama series Wentworth premiered on Showcase in Australia on 19 June 2018. It is executive produced by FremantleMedia’s Director of Drama, Jo Porter. The season will comprise 12 episodes. The sixth season picks up just days after the escape of Franky Doyle and Joan Ferguson. This season will introduce three new characters portrayed by Leah Purcell, Susie Porter and Rarriwuy Hick.


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