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Wentworth – Behind The Bars (2019 Documentary)

Take a journey back through six seasons of the gritty, hard-hitting, groundbreaking prison drama, Wentworth, with a sneak peek of what to expect in the highly anticipated seventh season.
Best part is at 16:30 when Pamela Rabe is talking about how her character was written out (“appaling behaviour!”)

Tammy on Kaz keeping Ferguson fit!

The main catalyst for Vera transforming from a timid prison guard into a no-nonsense governor was Joan “The Freak” Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) and the toxic relationship that developed between the pair. Although off screen, the actresses are close over the years sitting together in “a room out the back” for lunch.

“It’s been a real joy and also, of course, the evolution is a product of things that happened to her; relationships she has and obviously the Joan Ferguson/Vera relationship was probably one of my most fun professional experiences — we did have a lot of fun, Pam and I,” she says.

“But all of the kind of traumas and characters she’s had to deal with have been part of it. It’s never been just this kind of just gimmicky twist. It’s been quite a slow burn, I think, for Vera.”

The tension created between Atkinson and Rabe’s characters on the small screen has played out so well that they both received most outstanding actress Logie nominations. Whether their relationship continues to captivate viewers will depend on the outcome of season five’s prison-escape cliffhanger with Franky Doyle (Nicole da Silva) on the run and Joan buried alive.

Kate Atkinson (Vera Bennett) takes you inside Wentworth Season 6 Episode 9 as she discusses the dark conspiracy she finds herself entwined in.