Pamela Rabe | Fish Tales (1993)
29/10 Download links for “Fish Tales (Audiobook 1993)

Pamela Rabe Wentworth S8E2 Wallpaper
29/09 New Wentworth S8 Wallpaper

Pamela Rabe | The Last Season29/09 3 new photos from ‘The Last Season’

Pamela Rabe & Hugo Weaving | The Taming of the Shrew
Added a promo photo of Pam & Hugo Weaving for ‘The Taming of the Shrew

Pamela Rabe | Wentworth S8E9 Wallpaper
15/09 New Wentworth S8E9 wallpaper

Wallpaper by | Original pics by Ben King / eastieoaks
25/08 New Wentworth S8E6 wallpaper

Wentworth Season 8 | Pamela Rabe
20/07 Added 2 new Wentworth Season 8 Promo Pics.

Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson | Asylum Promo
Added 6 wallpapers from the Wentworth Season 4.

Pamela Rabe | Vacant Possession
10/07 TV Week Magazine Interview from 1996 about Vacant Possession.

Pamela Rabe | Three Tall Women
Added scans from the Three Tall Women programme. Thanks to Brynne for providing these!

Pamela Rabe about playing Joan Ferguson 2014
Added an interview from 2014

Pamela Rabe | Headshot 1992

08/04 Added 6 photos from the Lost in Yonkers (1992).

Pamela Rabe | The Cherry Orchard 2005

09/11 Added 2 photos from the Cherry Orchard (2005). Thanks to Teresa

Pamela Rabe | Photograph 51 in rehearsal

16/10 Added 4 rehearsal photos from Photograph 51

Pamela Rabe in His Girl Friday

11/10 Uploaded some photos and a radio interview to the His Girl Friday section.

Pamela Rabe in Footfalls

10/10 Added a radio interview + some more pics to the  Footfalls section.

The Heidi Chronicles (MTC)

13/09 Uploaded some scans from The Heidi Chronicles and The Misanthrope. Thanks to Tamsyn Strike!

29/08 Added this photo from 1980 to The Red Devil Battery Sign section. Thanks to David Cooper for sending me this treasure!

Pamela Rabe | Medea 1984
Added 1 Headshot photo and some info about the play Medea. Thanks to Tamsyn for the scan <3

Pamela Rabe in Stingers Season 4
08/08 Added 29  Stingers Screenshots

Pamela Rabe in Little Murders
05/08 Added a short interview about Little Murders from 1989

Pamela Rabe & Roger Hodgman | Solomon & Marion Opening Night
19/07 Added photos to the Solomon and Marion section

Pamela Rabe in Do Not Go Gentle
15/07 Updated the Do Not Go Gentle Section

Pamela Rabe | The Glass Menagerie
11/07 Added some The Glass Menagerie photos

 Pamela Rabe | Minor Updates